MyBalanceNow allows you to check the balance of your Target Gift Card by visiting the official page at Apart from the easy-to-use platform, users will also be able to access transactions history, expenses tracking, and PIN management.


Across the United States and the District of Columbia, these cards are authorized and accepted at major retail and supply outlets. Account-holders can access their cards’ details at any time by logging in.

MyBalanceNow Gift Card – Usage

There are many ways to use the MyBalanceNow gift card, which are detailed below:

In-Store Purchase: You can use your Target Gift Card at any Target location throughout the United States and District of Columbia. The steps for using your card for instore purchases are as follows:

  • Make sure the cashier has your card when you make the purchase. Check your card balance before purchasing since the merchant cannot see your balance.
  • By signing the transaction, you will select the credit option. 
  • Additionally, you can make a debit purchase by entering your PIN. It does not matter what 4-digit PIN you use for your first debit transaction. Use the PIN you used before if this is your subsequent transaction.


Online Purchase: Making an online purchase with your MyBalanceNow gift card is also possible. The following steps will guide you through using your credit card for online purchases:

  • To complete the purchase, verify that your card’s balance is greater than that of the purchase, including taxes. 
  • The Credit payment method can be selected by clicking on it.
  • Provide the necessary information for the credit card.
  • In the Billing Address section, enter your name and address.

Using your gift card at the pump is possible. You should be aware that some merchants place a hold of $100 or more on your card. There is typically a brief holding period, which can last up to seven days in some cases. Therefore, keep your card balance over $100 plus the amount for gas.

As with gas stations, you can use your gift card at restaurants as well. In restaurants, tips are usually added to your bill by 20%. Thus, you should keep more money than the total restaurant bill plus a 20% tip.